Tom Cochrane

ASC Associates Ltd, formerly Head of Security Operations


I have worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry for 37 years, holding positions in Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Business Process Improvement Manager and Head of Security Operations. In January 2018 I began work with ASC Associates in a consulting and advisory role.


My background has always been in the maintenance of the Quality and security of pharmaceutical products from narcotic substances to high value biosimilars.


I have been involved in the commercial and clinical trial areas of the pharma industry with a global remit.


In the area of supply chain security, I set up a Security Management System and a Security Operations Group with Mundipharma International Ltd in 2003, this then led me to develop supply chain security and the role of Head of Security Operations.


The remit of my position was to ensure the security of controlled drug and high value products throughout manufacture, storage and distribution across a global supply chain.


I was responsible for setting up systems and processes to protect shipments from physical damage, inappropriate temperature excursions, diversion and pilferage.


I also set up a framework to mitigate the risks of bribery and corruption in the supply chain and to prevent counterfeit products entering the supply chain.


I was a Home Office approved person and have worked with regulatory bodies worldwide.