Pharma Outsourcing & Partnership Global Congress 2018 EU

London, UK

The pharmaceutical industry’s steady growth curve is beginning to shorten and is facing some significant challenges. The development costs are skyrocketing, the dynamics changes in political landscapes, uncertainty around regulatory and reimbursement, patent cliffs, and a sluggish global economy all have caused the industries to reconsider their strategies. To respond to these pressures, pharmaceutical companies are intensely focusing on generating more value and productivity from every penny spent on R&D. The challenge of accelerating pharmaceutical product development while also controlling costs creates a difficult balancing act for the industry.


Pharmaceutical companies, big or small, are now waking up to the realisation that doing everything alone is no longer a viable response. Through the use of strategic outsourcing with third-party vendors, this is the time for the pharmaceutical industry to accelerate outsourcing activities and learn from the experience of other industries to maximise their internal resources, while at the same time enter into risk-sharing agreements with CROs to generate significant cost savings.


With around 80% of companies viewing contract relationships as partnerships, challenges in outsourcing and partnerships must be tackled. Challenges such as, performance quality, regulatory requirements, legislations, and communications can cause delays in data transfer and deadlines. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that outsourcing is correctly undertaken and fully understood.


Gain Latest Insights On:


    • Outsourcing in the pharma sector – Why develop a partnership?
    • Pharma outsourcing and partnership strategies
    • Biggest challenges and opportunities in pharma outsourcing and partnership
    • Supplier management and collaboration
    • Risk based approach
    • Vendor relationship management
    • Changes in outsourcing and partnership
    • Legal and Regulatory issues – Overcoming outsourcing risks and counterfeiting
    • Global collaboration – Partnership between pharma companies and CRO industries
    • Recent political and economic landscapes effecting outsourcing and partnership
    • The future of pharma outsourcing and partnership


Who you will meet


Members of Boards, Vice President’s, Directors, Head and Senior Managers from the pharma industry involved in Outsourcing, Partnerships, Operations, Direct/ Indirect Procurement, Technical operations, Manufacturing, Product development, Strategic Planning and Sourcing, Quality compliance, Purchasing, Global supply strategies, Global supply chain operations, Value chain innovations, Raw materials supply and Governmental Bodies


Featuring Key Industry Experts:


Anthony Fuller, Head of Sourcing, MITSUBISHI TANABE, USA

Detlef Behrens, Head, CMO, BIOCON Ltd

Divya Chadha Manek, Head, Business Development and Marketing, NIHR CRN

Anne Marciniak, Affiliate, BRUNEL UNIVERSITY

Sultan ‘Sid’ Dajani, UK Representative – Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union (PGEU)

Dr Siegfried Schmitt, Principal Consultant, PAREXEL International, UK


Stewart Adkins, Director, Pharmaforensic Limited

Dr. Bobby George, Vice President, Head Regulatory Affairs, Reliance Life Sciences

Steve Cray, Supplier Relationship Management, Small Molecule Technical Operations, SHIRE, USA

Klaas Postema, formerly, VP, Supply Chain Management, ACTAVIS*

Xavier Derouck, Sr. Sourcing Group Manager, Global Production Procurement, GSK

Janet Allen, Director of Research, CYSTIC FIBROSIS TRUST, UK

Tom Cochrane, ASC Associates Ltd, formerly Head of Security Operations, MUNDIPHARMA


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